shore lines is a mother-daughter collaboration based in Truro, Cornwall.


As lovers of a good coastal walk (usually with our schnauzer Louis in tow), we have collected all sorts of bits and pieces over the years and at the end of 2017 started playing around making words with them. 


We realised there was nothing like it on the market and decided to design some greetings cards. 


The response has been fantastic, and the first cards hit the shelves of our various lovely stockists in May 2018.


Our designs are created in four steps:


- first we spend long hours trawling annoyingly beautiful beaches, collecting any bits and pieces that catch our eye. At the same time we pick up anything else that doesn't belong there (yep, you guessed it, mostly plastic!), and if we can't use it in one of our designs, we carefully dispose of it instead. 


- then we play around with these beach finds in our studio, assembling words and finessing them until they really pop! The moment we get it right is often hard-won, but hugely satisfying.


- the next step is to photograph the assemblage, using only natural light.

The result is sometimes a bit fuzzy (so many rainy days in Cornwall!), but we love the softness of this approach, choosing not to use filters, sharpen images, or tweak the levels of our photos.


- the final step is to add the text. This is when our designs really come together, and we love the juxtaposition of our natural letters with the digital ones. 


We hope you do too!

Diana Nelson

Born in Feock, Cornwall, Diana was an art teacher in Cambridge for many years before returning home to Truro in 2009. She had been enjoying retirement before Alice moved in next door and started nagging her to put her graphic design skills to good use. They created the shore lines range in 2017, spending many hours roaming beautiful beaches and then assembling their finds into words and photographing them in Diana's studio.

Alice Jago

A self-published children's book author and illustrator, Alice followed her parents to Truro with her husband in 2015. Since then she and Diana have barely let a week go by without visiting the coast. There inspiration struck and the result was the shore lines range, developed between writing her next book and raising a one year old!


We've seen enough plastic on our beautiful beaches to know we don't want to contribute more! 

Our cards and prints are wrapped in biodegradable bags made from corn or potato starch, and are printed on either recycled or FSC-certified stock.

Our placemats and coasters are flat board melamine, produced from sustainable PEFC-certified eucalyptus hardboard, sustainably sourced cork, and with no formaldehyde in the melamine layer. 

100% recycled card & envelopes




Compostable packaging

Regular beach cleans

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